James Stephen Sweeney

Attorney James Sweeney: Your Trusted Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney James S. Sweeney has practiced criminal defense for the entire duration of his 37 year legal career which makes him well-qualified as an Orange County criminal defense attorney. Throughout his career as an attorney, he’s handled thousands of cases that cover the entire spectrum of criminal law.

His law focus is on DUI charges, alcohol charges, drug charges, felony cases, misdemeanor cases and clearing records for clients. He knows just how important it is to have one area of focus, rather than working as a general practice attorney, so that he can best serve his clients. He’s able to dig deep in to criminal laws and keep up to date with changing legislation so that he knows the best way to proceed with each case in order to obtain the desired results for the client. He serves the residents of Los Angeles and those in all of the surrounding communities in Orange County.

Attorney Sweeney’s Background and Beliefs About Law

Attorney James Sweeney graduated from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and Brooklyn Law School in 1977. That same year he sat, and passed, both the New York Bar and California Bar exams

Attorney Sweeney believes that everyone who comes to the Law Office of James Sweeney deserves immediate attention and respect. He and his team care about each individual that comes to their office and they grant them the respect while providing them with the attention they need so that Attorney Sweeney can understand the case and provide top-notch personalized legal representation.

He believes that clients need to be included in the conversations every step of the way, and so he communicates everything to them clearly and concisely and gives his professional advice and opinion so that each client can make informed decisions about the case at any point in time.

Throughout his three decades in the legal field, Attorney Sweeney has gained wisdom and experience that makes him a better attorney with each passing day. No two cases are ever alike, but there are often similarities between cases which allows him to use past experiences to his, and the clients, advantage.

Work with A Los Angeles Attorney

No matter what type of criminal offense you’ve been accused of, or charged with, Attorney Sweeney is here to help you. He makes it his mission to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation in a discreet, yet effective, manner. For an initial consultation to discuss the specific details of your case, contact us today!