DUI, Alcohol and/or Drugs

Do You Need An Orange County Drug or DUI Attorney?

The first thing that you need to do if you’ve been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or in possession of drugs is to contact an experienced Orange County DUI attorney who has an excellent reputation of helping his clients navigate the legal path following being charged with using harmful substances. Having someone on your side is essential to getting though the situation as you deal with the law and how it relates to your case.

It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you’ve been charged with this offense or if you have a history, Attorney James Sweeney is able to ensure that you receive your legal rights at all times. Being in trouble with the law is a frightening experience and you don’t even know where to begin with handling the legal aspects. Don’t take it upon yourself or hire any general practitioner or a lawyer who specializes in a different practice area. Too many parts of your life are at stake including possible jail time, the loss of your drivers license and reduced educational opportunities.

You need someone who knows every detail of criminal law.

How The Law Office of James Sweeney Helps You

For more than three decades Attorney Sweeney has fought for the rights of thousands of individuals who have DUI offenses, drug or alcohol charges in Newport Beach, CA.  He knows the details of the law and keeps current with changes in the law. Additionally he knows how the laws apply to you and can draw from his past experiences to help you achieve a positive outcome for your case.

Among the consequences of being convicted include the loss of your job, home, relationships, possessions due to loss of income or being incarcerated. Additionally your license may be suspended or revoked and your auto insurance rates will skyrocket. Your attorney can work on your behalf to have the charges either dismissed or reduced depending on the circumstances surrounding the offense.

Let Attorney James Sweeney Fight For You

Finding a top notch Orange County drug attorney that understands your needs and has the knowledge and ability to handle your case swiftly and professionally should be your top priority after being charged. Our track record and experiences speak for themselves. We’ve helped thousands of clients successfully and will fight aggressively for you as well. Contact us today for a confidential initial consultation so we can discuss the charges, learn the facts and outline a plan of action.